How we work

We help entrepreneurs at early stages of their business development. We look for new and innovative solutions, chiefly in the fields of ICT and biotechnology. We invest in newly established, or already existing companies, and we increase their value hand in hand with their founders. Thanks to our support, companies at very early stages of development (seeds), when they still cannot hope e.g. for a bank loan, have money for operations and development of their new products. In return for the financial support, the Business Angel Seedfund becomes a shareholder of new companies. After a few years we try to sell our shares, making money on their value growth. Our offer is addressed both to private persons and scientific institutions - authors of breakthrough ideas or technologies which they would like to commercialize, and to companies which need additional financing to develop their new ideas.

Benefits of cooperation with the Business Angel Seedfund:

  • Investment in a project presented, ranging in value from PLN 100,000 to 4 million
  • Support in building contacts and establishing relations with key partners (customers, suppliers)
  • Support in building and implementing strategies
  • Assistance in financial management
  • Assistance in acquiring properly qualified staff
  • preparation of a favorable way to leave an investment
  • Providing legal assistance

We look for innovations, new technologies and ideas, thanks to which, with our support, companies may within 2 - 7 years increase their value several times. We are interested in projects concerning primarily:
  • Internet, software, hardware, new mobile technologies, services, communication, automation
  • Healthcare, environment, bioenergetics, etc.
  • Services, advertising, media, entertainment, commerce


8 lipiec 2011

Business Angel Seedfund invests in SmartNet Research&Solutions and the Fanpage Trender project

Business Angel Seedfund invests in SmartNet Research&Solutions and their newest project Fanpage Trender – analytical tool for Facebook marketing.
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20 kwiecień 2011

SiGarden at the OGTF in Amsterdam

SiGarden was represented at the 2nd International Oil and Gas Technology Forum (OGTF) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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Our portfolio

Unique social-networking portal integrating neighbors, people living close to each other


Innovative wishlist service

Polymem Sp. z o.o.

Company develops and produces polyprophylene membrans for microfiltration

Screen Network Sp. z o.o.

Company offers unique ad network in over 4000 places in whole Poland.